Community Innovations Grant Scheme (Pembrokeshire)
July 8, 2016
Third Sector Brokers – Carmarthenshire
August 23, 2016

Third Sector Brokers – Carmarthenshire

Third Sector Brokers – Carmarthenshire

Ty-Golau (House of Light) is a health and wellbeing facility for people aged 50 and over, many of whom have memory problems, Alzheimer’s or dementia type illnesses. Ty- Golau supports those with memory loss and Alzheimer illnesses in Carmarthenshire by providing a social opportunity to get together, along with their carers.

The Community Resilience Co-ordinator had identified a gap in wellbeing services in Llanelli for people living with a dementia. A visit was made by the co-ordinator in the spring of 2015. The organiser expressed that Ty Golau was keen to come back to Llanelli, particularly as there were participants who were travelling from Llanelli.

Support was identified from the GP Cluster, through the Antioch Centre in Llanelli being chosen to be utilised as one of the Health Hubs in Llanelli. The Broker coordinated Ty Golau to work with the Antioch Centre and Ty Golau was then able to bring its service to Llanelli in September 2015.

The Community Resilience Worker has continued to support Ty Gola. Their Service is now at capacity and by creating links with Llanelli Town Council and the Community Bureau they continue to provide their service in Llanelli.

The Community Resilience Worker has worked with the GP Cluster and successfully obtained funding for Ty Golau to continue in the Antioch Centre for a further 12 months and to put on additional sessions in the locality.