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August 24, 2018

Driving Regional Commissioning Through Enhanced Intelligence Invitation to Tender

Tender requirements

The overall aim of the tender is:

 To assess and understand the regional variability of care home placement (predominantly older people) across the West Wales Region, in order to inform an enhanced strategic approach to commissioning

More specifically:

  1. Build on initial research to describe and evaluate the pattern of care home placements for (predominantly) older people in the context of the health and social care system in each county, within the context of the market, associated provision (including domiciliary care) and assessment/ care management practice
  2. Evaluate the significance of the emerging policy context and its implications for with the provision of care home placements in the Region
  3. Make recommendations about good regional practice

v12 data – tender exercise 180927

Collated regional data

For more information please contact:

Dr Kevin Pett

Programme Manager – Service Integration and pooled funds

West Wales Care Partnership

Tel 01267 228777  Internal  2777; 07854 339468