A Healthier West Wales Case Studies

Programme 1: (CONNECT)

1 Ceredigion

Ceredigion CONNECT service

Ceredigion CONNECT service has been a “Godsend” for mum, says daughter of CONNECT falls client.
2 Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire's Delta CONNECT

Carmarthenshire's Delta CONNECT offers "a lifeline" to Edward during pandemic lockdown.
3 Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire's CONNECT service

Pembrokeshire’s CONNECT service offers “great peace of mind” for 80-year-old mum, caring for son with brain injury.

Programme 7: Creating Connections for All

4 Coed School and Care home

Coed Cae School & Cillymaenllwyd Care Home - Llanelli

The project was facilitated by storyteller Phil Okwedy and our PSU team of facilitators. The project has been a massive success.
5 Newport Intergenerational

Newport Intergenerational Skills Exchange Project - Pembrokeshire

The project was divided into 3 largely sequential parts, but with overlap in time: 1. Door/windows, 2. Bridges & 3. Rainbows.
6 Penparcau Planting

Penparcau Planting Project - Ceredigion

Penparcau Hwb have made the garden outside the entrance into a lovely new space managed by the local community.

Programme 3: Fast-tracked, Consistent Integration

Program 3 93 year old female

Referral received from A&E for 93 year old female following fall

CR Referral received from A&E for 93 year old female following fall and soft tissue injury to left knee.
Patient came to Marello for rehab

Patient came to Martello for rehab

Rehab patient came to Martello for rehab and discharge planning following a CVA and a two month stay in hospital.
85 year old reablement intervention

85 year old reablement intervention

85 year old was referred by staff nurse ward 7 WGH for reablement intervention