Draft Regional Integrated ICF Outcomes Framework

This outcomes framework has been developed in response to the need to improve population health at individual and organisational level and specifically address the factors mentioned above and those affecting carers. Whilst development of the framework has focussed around Older People & Frail Adults, measures for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Children with Complex needs and Carers are currently under development.

The ambition is to produce a blended suite of outcomes, indicators, performance measures, care standards and an ‘offer’ across a range of integrated pathways informed by the work  at National level though a range of relevant programmes and groups, including the National Programme for Unscheduled Care and Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers. The framework is an iterative document, which will be adapted and improved in response to need.

Attached are Microsoft Word and PDF versions of the same document.  The Microsoft version can be amended.

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