ICF Proposal Bids 2018/19

Third Sector

3CA1 Carers Support Project query Carers Outreach

3CA2 Carers Outreach Service query 3CA1

3CA3 Carers Information & Assessment Officer

3CA4 Inclusion Club

3CA5 Integrated Care Fund 2018 PEIPIL Bid

3CE1 Core Community Resouce Team

3CE2 Caring Communities Grants

3CE3 PYG Team Leader and 3rd Sector Integration Facilitators

3PE1 PAVS preventions proposol

3PE2 PAVS- Direct payments cooperative

3PE3 PPF the prime of our lives proposal

3PE4 PPF moving on proposal

3PE5 PPF specialist preventative LD advocacy proposol

3PE6 PPF Citizen delivered training

Carmarthenshire CC

CA1 Enhanced TOCALS

CA3 Home from Hospital (002)

CA4 Integrated Assessment Nurses

CA6 Therapeutic Intervention Support Workers

CA7 Health Activity Coordinator

CA8 Complex Care Review Team

CA9 Clinical Psychology

CA10 Positive Behaviour Services

CA11 Sensory OT

CA12 Modernising Disability Services

CAC1 CICES New Equipment – £325k

CAC2 Cycle Project – Coleshill Llanelli

Ceredigion CC


CE2 Ceredigion Admiral Nurses

CE3 Integrated Training Budget

CE4 Interim Placement Scheme

CE5 Vascular Podiatry Ceredigion

CEC1 Equipment maintaining independence

CEC2 Housing maintaining independence

Pembrokeshire CC

PE1 Releasing time to care proposol

PE2 Reablement proposal

PE3 Step up, step down beds proposal

PE4 Commissioning, developing the provider market and service improvement proposal

PE5 Supported employment proposal

PE6 Support and accommodation progression project proposal

PE7 Complex needs accommodation project proposal

PEC2 Technology enabled care proposol

PEC3 Assistive technology proposal

PEH1 Developing integrated community teams proposol

PEH2 Acutue response team (ART) proposol

PEH3 Care home team proposol

PEH4 Discharge liaison team proposol

PEH5 Frailty nurse practitioner proposol

PEH6 Clinical health psychological support for long term condition proposol

PEH7 Mulit- disciplinary assessment & support team proposol



R2Regional Positive behavioural intervention service for children proposal

R3 Regional OT ICES

R4 Regional Vascular Podiatry

R5 Regional Admiral Nurses