The West Wales Partnership Board Document Repository

The West Wales Partnership Board has been established under Part 9 of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act and is responsible for the development and delivery of the Regional Partnership Plan. The Statutory Guidance supporting Part 9 sets out its overall responsibilities, which are as follows: Overall responsibilities

  • Ensure partners work effectively to improve outcomes for people in their area.
  • Respond to the population needs assessment required under Section 14 of the Act
  • Implement the plans for each of the local authority areas
  • Ensure the partnership bodies provide sufficient resources the partnership
  • Promote the integration of services and establishment of pooled funds where appropriate.

The papers for board meetings can be found in the relevant folder listed below.

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Name Downloads Version Owner Last Modified Rating
The West Wales Partnership Board
   Board Meeting 17 April 2018
   Board Meeting 7 June2018
   Board Meeting 20 September 2018
   Board Meeting 25 March 2019
   Board Meeting 16 May 2019
   Board Meeting 18 July 2019
   ICF Regional Forum 17 September 2019
   Invitation to Tender
   Gwahoddiad i Denro - Cymraeg
   Board Meeting 19 September 2019
   Tranformation Fund Update
   ICF Q2 Report
   West Wales ICF Revenue Investment Plans 2020-21

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