RIC Hub asset Listing – (Local Authorities)

Organisation Website Summary Type(s) Contact Number
Health and Care Research Wales Website Health and Care Research Wales. Health and social care research is, first and foremost, about improving the
health and care of people and communities.
Welsh Government 02920 230457
Dewis Cymru Website Dewis Cymru is the place to go if you want information or advice about your well-being – or want to know how you can help somebody else. We’ve got information that can help you think about what matters to you, and we’ve also got information about people and services in your area that can help you with the things that matter to you. Local Authority
Improving Health and Health Care Website The institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has used improvement science to advance and sustain better outcomes in health and healthcare internationally Government Institute +1 617-301-4800
Public Services Boards (PSB) Website
The Board makes a difference by ensuring that public services are working together to address shared priorities. Local Authority/ Social Care 01545 570881
01267 234567
01437 764551
BEACON Website The BEACON is a partnership between Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea Universities and the University of South Wales working in the field of conversion of biomass and biowastes into biobased products with commercial applications. Government Institute 01970 823079
Health Technology Wales Website Health Technology Wales (HTW) is a national body working to improve the quality of care in Wales. We collaborate with partners across health, social care and the technology sectors to ensure an all-Wales approach. We are funded by Welsh Government and hosted within NHS Wales, but independent of both. Our remit covers any health technology that isn’t a medicine, such as medical devices, surgical procedures, psychological therapies, tele-monitoring or rehabilitation. Welsh Government
SAIL Website SAIL stands for Secure Anonymised Information Linkage. The SAIL Databank is a world-class flagship for the robust secure storage and use of anonymised person-based data for research to improve health, well-being and services. Its databank of anonymised data about the population of Wales is internationally recognised. Backed and endorsed by the Government, the SAIL Databank receives core funding from the Welsh Government’s Health and Care Research Wales. Welsh Government
Business Wales Website Business Wales is a free service that provides impartial, independent support and advice to people starting, running and growing a business in Wales. With regional centres across Wales, we offer a mixture of online and face-to-face support, as well as training workshops and individual advice. Welsh Government
0300 603000
Small business research and innovation (SBRI) Website SBRI provides funds for business
development for specific calls for innovation.
Welsh Government
0300 603000
Bridge Innovation Centre Website Bridge Innovation Centre provides an impressive
environment for innovation and business growth representing all that is positive for business, innovation and enterprise in Pembrokeshire.
Local Authority 01646 689200
Police – Dyfed Powys Police Website The area served by Dyfed-Powys Police includes
Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys.
Local Authority 101
Fire Services
Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
Website Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
is responsible for providing public safety information, prevention and protection programmes, and emergency response cover for Mid and West Wales.
Local Authority 0370 6060699
Welsh Ambulance Service Trust
Website The Research & Development (R&D) department
supports the development of high quality research within the trust and ensures it is conducted and managed to a high scientific and ethical standard.
Welsh Government 01745 532900
Improvement Cymru Website Improvement Cymru are the all-Wales Improvement service for NHS Wales. We are experts in developing, embedding, and delivering system-wide improvements across health and social care. Welsh Government 02920 227744
Beacon Centre Llanelli The Beacon building accommodates many different businesses from a cross section of business sectors including Financial & Professional; Environmental; Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing. Business/Enterprise 01554 748800
Knowledge Transfer Network Website At Innovate UK KTN our mission is to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to these challenges and drive positive change through innovation. The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally and also globally. Government 03333 403250
Public Health Wales
Public Health Network Cymru
Website The national public health agency in Wales.
We work to protect and improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities for the people of Wales.
Welsh Government/ Health 02920 348755
Wales Audit Office Website Our aim is toassure the people of Wales that public money is being managed well.
Explain how public money is being used and how it meets people’s needs.
Inspire and empower the Welsh public sector to improve.
Welsh Government 029 2082 9300
Bevan Commission Website The Bevan Commission is Wales’ leading health and care think tank, hosted and supported by Swansea University. Working within a complex health and care system, our vision is simple – a prudent and sustainable national health and care service to meet the needs of all citizens that remains true to its original values, as established by NHS founder Aneurin Bevan. Welsh Government /Health 01792 604630
National Library of Wales Website The National Library of Wales’ purpose is to make the welsh culture and heritage accessible to all to learn and research. The Library has the right to a copy of every publication printed in Britain and Ireland. Welsh Government/Academia 01970 632 800
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
Website The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care. Welsh Government 0300 323 0140
Research Ethics Committees Website We are one of a number of organisations that work together in the UK to regulate and approve different aspects of health and social care research. The Research Ethics Service (RES) is one of our core functions and is committed to enabling and supporting ethical research in the NHS. It protects the rights, safety, dignity and wellbeing of research participants. Welsh Government/Health 0207 104 8000
National Institute for Health Research
Website NIHR fund, enable and deliver world-leading health and social care research that improves people’s health and wellbeing, and promotes economic growth. Welsh Government/Health
Higher Education Funding
Council for Wales
Website HEFCW regulate and fund higher education in Wales, and help to deliver Welsh Government priorities for higher education. Welsh Government/Academia 029 2085 9696
European Social Research Centre
Website The European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (the European Centre) is an intergovernmental organisation affiliated to the United Nations. Its purpose is to foster the collaboration in social welfare between governments and organisations. Government 00431 3194505-0
National Institute for Social Care
and Health Research
Website Health and Care Research Wales is a networked organisation, supported by Welsh Government, which brings together a wide range of partners across the NHS in Wales, universities and research institutions, local authorities, and others. Welsh Government/ Health 02920 230457
Arts and Humanities Research Council Website At the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) we fund world-class, independent researchers in a wide range of subjects from history and archaeology to philosophy and languages. We also fund more contemporary research including the design and effectiveness of digital content and the impact of artificial intelligence. Government
Communities, Cultures, Health and Wellbeing Research (CCHWR) Website CCHWR want to build a common understanding that creativity and culture are integral to health and wellbeing. This is an approach that engages with prevention and health-creation not just treatment and disease; is asset-based and holistic; and is communal, collective and co-produced. Government
The National Centre for Population Health & Wellbeing Research (NICE) Website The National Centre for Population Health & Wellbeing Research, funded by the Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales, brings together a world-class team of researchers, statisticians and data analysts from the Universities of Swansea, Cardiff, and Bangor alongside Public Health Wales to understand, evaluate and inform population health Improvements. Welsh Government 01792 513459
National Lottery Website The National Lottery is a funding project in
the arts, sports, heritages, charities, voluntaries, health, education and environmental sectors.
Welsh Government 028 9568 0143
Welsh Custodial Public
Health Advisory Board
Website On behalf of Welsh Government,
Public Health Wales have established a ‘Welsh Custodial Public Health Advisory Board’ designed to support the partnership boards and those working in prison healthcare in delivery of healthcare services.
Welsh Government
RCPCH Wales Executive
Committee & National Specialty Advisory Group
Website The Wales Executive Committee represents the membershipof the RCPCH in Wales and coordinates and manages College activities in Wales. The National Specialist Advisory Group is a sub group offering advice and guidance on strategy, policy and clinical issues relevant to paediatrics and child health in Wales. Welsh Government 020 7092 6000